TESTIMONIAL: Justin Haber, Trip #2

TESTIMONIAL: Justin Haber, Trip #2

Justin Haber, rising senior, who attended Trip #2 to OR and WA.

“This summer with Run Republic, I went to Oregon and Seattle to watch the Olympic trials. While there I was able to connect with old friends and make new ones, all while experiencing the trip of a lifetime. My trip was centered around the Olympic Trials and we went to watch Track and Field every day it was available to us.

We had seats by the water pool which made our seats the best during every steeplechase event. We went to Hayward Field for several hours a day and I was amazed at how well all my fellow campers knew who the competing athletes were. They could name personal records and even give accurate predictions for just about every player and race.

Personally, going into this trip I was not too involved with watching Track and Field events, but when I came out I was a fanatic. This trip was the incredible, how often can anyone see this much American talent all under one roof? The trials also came with fun night activities and surprise trips that always had me excited about where we were going next.


Every morning we woke up to run and we were given enough sleep every night, which is very important. We were also given time to do school work which was great because all of us has online homework with a lot of deadlines. Everywhere we went we had so much fun and the coaches Doug and Melissa cared for us like we were one of their own.

We also got to go to Seattle during the break in the trials. We got to take the scenic route and we were able to see the natural beauty in Oregon that many people would fly over without realizing. There was natural beauty that we are not able to see while living in Florida and different environments we were able to experience that I did not even know were out there. We went hiking by the beach and took a lot of great pictures then went to have lunch, then more natural scenes after that.

While in Seattle went to the glass museum, the Space Needle, and got to explore the city. I had been to Seattle in the past, but some of the other things we did were off the beaten path and unique. This trip was so much fun and I cannot wait to go next year wherever Run Republic Running Camp plans to take us.”

TESTIMONIAL: Dani, Trip #1

TESTIMONIAL: Dani, Trip #1

Dani Sakaal, rising sophomore, who attended Trip #1 to NV, UT, AZ and CO.

“Airplanes, luggage, and rent-a-cars are nothing new to me. I have been fortunate enough to travel frequently in my short 15 years. However, most of my traveling has been overseas and has been with family. Traveling with Run Republic Running Camp opened the world of teen tours for me, for which I am thankful. Something truly amazing was conceived by exploring new places with new people.

Run Republic Running Camp has given me the opportunity to gain new friendships with my peers, independence from my home, and appreciation for my country. The trip I took part in started in Nevada, went through Arizona and Utah, and then ended in Colorado. My favorite part from the trip was definitely hiking The Narrows at Zion National Park. The trip surprisingly catalyzed inspiration in my life as a runner, student, and member of the general public. I have become inspired to personally hike all the national parks in the U.S. ever since this company has provided the opportunity to see the Grand Canyon and Zion National Park.

I now have an immediate answer when asked for trip recommendations. I have made memories on this trip that will stick with me for a lifetime. This trip also provided me the opportunity to step out of my comfort zone and test my limits in a safe manner. I challenged myself to try independent kayaking while water rafting down the Colorado River as opposed to staying in the larger raft with the rest of my group.

I have been fortunate enough to embark on my journey with Run Republic Running Camp and witness parts of our country people travel the world to see, all in a humble and scenic atmosphere. Beyond our adventures, my coaches Doug and Melissa provided a fun environment to be around. All of our meals were consumed with their hospitality. At one point I laughed so hard during breakfast I started crying. Come to think of it, that may have been my favorite part of the trip. I’ve grown a newfound appreciation for both of my coaches. We all got to know each other so well. Candidly sharing our stories and our struggles strengthened our bond and has motivated me for the remainder of my running career.”



It was a summer to remember for seven South Florida high school student-athletes. Some climbed deep down into the Grand Canyon, watched the awesome tricks of a Cirque So Lei show in Las Vegas, were mesmerized by the colors and shapes inside of Antelope Canyon, and soaked up the Colorado River rapids via kayak and raft. While others experienced the once in a lifetime chance of watching the 2016 Olympic USA Track & Field Trials, ran the trails of Oregon made famous by Steve Prefontaine, and explored all of the famous tourist sites of Seattle, Washington.

It was all a part of the second year of Run Republic Running Camp – an adventure tour for high school students, which merges the concept of a traditional running camp with the modern, adventurous teen tours.

“We believe we have created a running camp experience unlike any other,” said Run Republic Running Camp co-founder Doug Horn. “At the core of Run Republic is running. But beyond that, we offer our participants mentorship, training, travel, adventure, friendship, education, fun and excitement. Our goal is to create memories, experiences and bonds during our trips...that go beyond running and truly will last a lifetime!”

Horn, who is the head coach of the Spanish River High School cross country and track teams, founded Run Republic Running Camp with his assistant coach Melissa Perlman. Both Horn and Perlman are accomplished mid- and long-distance runners who ran in high school and college and continue to compete today.

Highlights and pictures of the trips can be found on Run Republic's Facebook page.

Summer 2015 Trip

Summer 2015 Trip

Nine of us from South Florida spent 10 amazing days in early June in Denver, Frisco, Vail, Breckenridge, Glenwood Springs, Moab, Zion, Park City and Salt Lake...and it was a summer to remember! 

When Doug and I first started brainstorming the Running Camp on the Run concept...I never thought it would become what it has! Our first trip, which was only opened to Spanish River High School athletes as a "test" was all-around awesome. 

Here is a brief recap:


  • Denver, Frisco, Vail & Breckenridge, CO: Running Camp with former Olympic Track Coach; Hiking; Touring; Snowshoeing; Disc Golf.
  • Glenwood Springs, CO: White Water Rafting; Kayaking. 
  • Moab & St. George, UT: Arches National Park; Zion National Park; The Narrows; Hiking.
  • Park City, UT: Utah Olympic Park; Frisbee; Alpine Slide & Coaster.

Roses & Thorns:

Doug, me and the kids recapped each day during the trip with the "Roses & Thorns" game, which requires you to share your favorite and worse part of the day. Following are some of the attendees' favorite memories from the trip:

  • Snowshoeing on the Loveland Pass in the middle of summer!
  • Kids and coaches falling in freezing cold water while kayaking!
  • Climbing the arches in Zion and Arches National Park!
  • Taking pictures in front of snowcapped mountains!
  • Hiking, hiking and more hiking!
  • Delicious breakfasts in the townhouse made by coaches!

Check out the smiles and experiences on our Run Republic Facebook page here